Thursday, April 2, 2020

HOW TO Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

HOW TO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

HOW TO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

HOW TO EXPAND Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 The World Health Organization has dubbed the disease "COVID 19", a disease that has now spread worldwide and has been declared a global epidemic.

Coronavirus is an infectious disease that passes through the respiratory tract. An infected person passes from one person to another through the nasal passages or the nose when they cough or sneeze.

What is a Novel Coronavirus?

It is a new type of virus that has not been identified in humans before. The virus infects humans and animals. The virus can range from common diseases to severe respiratory depression to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Can Novel Coronavirus Infect Animals in Humans?
There is currently no scientific basis for human infection with the novel coronavirus.


Are Novel Coronavirus and SARS the same?
SARS and Novel Coronavirus seen in Fig. 1 is the same type of virus. Both of these viruses can cause serious illness. Importantly, it has not yet been established that the novel coronavirus can be easily transmitted to humans.

How can people become infected with the virus?

How people contracted the virus has not been scientifically proven yet. The matter is currently being investigated.

Can it move from person to person?

There is no way to say for sure now. Since family members are found to be ill, it is estimated that there will be limited mobility between individuals. In addition, there is a possibility that family members may have been transferred from the same source.

How can you prevent this virus?

It is not known exactly how the virus is transmitted. However, if you do not come close to patients with the flu, whooping cough and shortness of breath, and general hand hygiene, the chances of infection are slim.

Is there a cure for coronavirus?

There is no specific cure for Novel Coronavirus. Although many of the symptoms caused by this disease can be treated, so the patient is treated on the basis of symptoms. Also, there is currently no vaccine against the virus.

Travelers returning from the affected areas of the
coronavirus should take up to 7 days from the day they return to their homes or residences.

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