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Chinese coronavirus vaccine Approved for Human

Chinese coronavirus vaccine Approved for Human Testing at Virus Epicenter

Chinese coronavirus vaccine Approved for Human Testing at Virus Epicenter

The Chinese coronavirus vaccine is approved for human testing in the Virus Epicenter

The coronavirus vaccine will not be available until autumn 2020

Coronavirus vaccine trials begin in China, the USA, and Canada with a difference of a few days. After all, no one really knows what the results will be. And while doctors and scientists are analyzing the results, we are talking about how the world got to the first vaccine very quickly, and what is being done along the way.

Who and where is testing the vaccine

Overall, the World Health Organization's clinical trials database 508 coronavirus-related studies. These include the demand for vaccines and medications, as well as the development of mechanisms to combat the psychological effects of the disease and isolation.

By mid-March, the World Health Organization had begun testing the coronavirus vaccine. According to WHO head Tedros Adanom Gebreisus, vaccine trials began two months after the transmission of the coronavirus gene.

 At the same time, the WHO noted that trials do not have to provide immediate positive results and clear evidence of treatment for patients with COVID-19. In general, the WHO has organized studies in many countries so that untreated and unconfirmed therapies can be compared.

Germany.CureVac, a biotechnology company, could receive 80 million in funding from the European Union. The company's specialists want to prepare a vaccine before June-July, and then get approval for clinical trials in public. According to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, a coronavirus vaccine should be available this fall.

Italy. Italian authorities prepare for a coronavirus vaccination trial this week. If all goes well, the vaccine will be tested in humans in the fall.

China. In the case of the spread of coronavirus - Wuhan - the work of developing a vaccine began in January 2020. China now has eight vaccines developed by COVID-2019, which are tested in transgenic mice and macaques. In particular, scientists are investigating the possible side effects of a vaccine based on vaccines. If the results satisfy scientists, the drug will be tested for eight months.

Israel. The National Research Institute of Galilee developed a coronavirus vaccine that has already been successfully passed through all stages of testing. Antibodies not only cause a reaction in the human body but can also promote the local production of antibodies in the area of ​​infection.

According to microbiology physician Nadia Gruzdeva, four years ago, scientists developed a vaccine against coronavirus, a disease-causing chicken. As research has shown, Israeli vaccines allow the body to destroy the virus early, quickly in the area, where it enters.

EU.SA. On March 16, trials of coronavirus vaccine began at the US Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. The trial will be attended by 45 volunteers aged 18 to 55 years. They will be given various doses of mRNA-1273 vaccine, developed by Moderna, a biotechnology company in Massachusetts, and the US National Institute of Health.

The first volunteer had already received the Coronavirus vaccine a few days ago. Everyone will be vaccinated in the next six weeks. Researchers report that the first step in the study was to evaluate the safety of various doses of the vaccine and its effectiveness in reversing the human immune response.

In addition, it is known for a possible start in April of clinical trials from the American company Inovio Pharmaceuticals, at the University of Pennsylvania. You should know that the vaccine will be available to the public no later than 12-18 months later.

Canada. Medicago, a pharmaceutical company, has reported the production of coronavirus-like viruses (VLPs). This is the first step in developing a vaccine. It is now known that the company introduced VLP 20 days after the genetic division of SARS-CoV-2 (this is a type of virus that causes coronavirus infection). If the clinical trials are successful, the Medicago vaccine can be sold in the summer - July-August this year.

It is widely believed that Medicago is known and successful in the world - in 2009, it released the H1N1 flu vaccine in just nineteen days, and in 2012 it produced 10 million doses of the flu vaccine in just one month. Later - in 2015 - experts from Medicago developed Ebola antibodies.

What is recommended before the introduction of the vaccine

The Chinese coronavirus vaccine is approved for human testing in the Virus Epicenter

Scientists around the world do not yet know what to advise humans in the fight against coronavirus, other than the basic rules, which may apply. Therefore, every time they get a vaccine, protection is the best weapon.

 Doctors and the WHO have advised everyone, regardless of age or age, to wash their hands several times a day, not to touch their face with their hands, to walk the streets in an emergency and only to a medical mask, and to avoid visiting crowded places.

Also, if you are experiencing symptoms of ARVI or similar to coronavirus, you should immediately consult a doctor and not prescribe it, do not take antibiotics, and anti-depressants.

Kazan Federal University in Russia and Cambridge University in the UK continue to develop their own coronavirus vaccine. Also in Italian hospitals, Spain and France have begun testing the effectiveness of the antiretroviral drug Remdesivir in the fight against coronavirus. Unless the drug was tested in animals, but not in humans, it is known that it has already been tested at the party

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