Friday, October 16, 2020

More than 40 thousand people will take part in the research of a new vaccine against COVID-19

 More than 40 thousand people will take part in the research of a new vaccine against COVID-19

More than 40 thousand people will take part in the research of a new vaccine against COVID-19

More than 40,000 people will take part in the new vaccine trial against COVID-19

The Rospotrebnadzor vaccine FBSI SSC VB "Vector" or the "EpiVacCorona" vaccine successfully passed clinical trials and was registered for use in the Russian Federation on October 13, 2020. Postpartered clinical studies are scheduled: 150 moreover 60 years, and a multidisciplinary clinical study involving 40,000 volunteers.

- "EpiVacCorona" FBUN SSC VB "Vector" Rospotrebnadzor was created on one of the most promising integration platforms. This is a peptide vaccine. Its active ingredient is a synthetic analog of those viral protein regions. 

The immune system detects body particles, called epitopes, in these regions. This fact is reflected in the name "EpiVacCorona" - an epitope vaccine against coronavirus. In the development of vaccines, substances that can affect the immune system, especially the so-called anti-dependant-booster vaccine Rosper Trebnazor's agency said: "People are being excluded from the immune system."

It is reported that during the study, all volunteers felt comfortable and no side effects were recorded.

Another 78 people have officially confirmed COVID-19 in the Vladimir region

As of October 15, 2020, in the Vladimir region, the laboratory has confirmed 78 new cases of coronavirus infection:

On page 16 of Muromsky,

Gus-Khrustalny, page 15

City of Vladimir (Vladimir) 14 kk.

6 liters in Kovrovsky,

 Page 5 Alexandrovsky,

Pages of Selivanovsky 5,

4 sl. Melenkowski,

4 sl. To Vyaznikovsky,

Sobinsky 3 p.

 Kameshkowski pages,

 2 sl. Yuryev-Polsky,

1-liter ePetushinsky.

In the Vladimir region, a total of 8185 cases of the disease have been registered:

1451 pigeons from Vladimir (Vladimir), 1198 in Gus-Khrustalny, 848 floors. Murom 752 birds in Petushinsky, 671 down in Kovrovsky (Kovrovsky), 642 floors in Alexandrovsky, 434 down in Vyaznikovsky 364 down in Sobbins Ji, 353 floors in Yuriev-Polsky (231). In Kolchuginsky, the 219th floor is in Melenkovsky, the 196th floor is in Suzdal (Suzdal), the 179th floor is in Sudogodsky, the 175th floor is in Selivanovsky, and the 155th floor is in Kyrgyzstan. Kirzhachsky, 136th floor. At Gorokhovetsky, 107th floor in Kameshkovsky, there are 74 jobs. In the city of Raduzhny). 

All patients are under medical supervision. Contact circle is cut. And they are under medical supervision. Their laboratory tests are ongoing.

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