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Hepatitis B: A Overview of the Disease, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hepatitis B: A Overview of the Disease, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hepatitis B A Overview of the Disease, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hepatitis B: Summary of Diseases, Symptoms, and Prevention

Hepatitis B disease, symptoms and prevention


 Of all the viruses that have plagued humanity in history, hepatitis is the second most destructive and frightening virus after AIDS. It has been known for many years to be non-disease-causing and non-invasive, and therefore fatal.

Hepatitis is a family of viruses that infect the liver and cause liver cancer later in life, which is fatal. Infection with hepatitis can be serious and dire.

Hepatitis B is a family of hepatitis B viruses that affect the liver and cause long-term cancer. According to the World Health Organization, the transmission rate of hepatitis B virus infection has not decreased since the 2000 vaccination period.


Many cases are asymptomatic with new HBV infection. Some people may develop a common medical condition with the following symptoms.

  • Jaundice, which causes the eyes and skin to turn yellow
  • Deep urination
  • Very tired
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting and pain in the liver area
  • Low likelihood of liver failure leads to death
  • The most common mode of transmission of an infected maternal virus (perinatal transmission) to a child remains.
  • Contact with patients' blood is the next most common form of blood transfusion in children.
  • Needle injuries
  • Tattoo
  • Ear piercing
  • Exposure to body fluids such as vaginal, menstrual, salivary, and semi-fluid
  • Homosexual relationships are more common in homosexual relationships with people who have sex with the same partner and sex workers.
  • Hepatitis B disease, symptoms and prevention


The following are the most common and well-known forms of communication that cause disease in non-infectious people.

Flowering time:

The survival time of the virus is 7 days. The virus remains active during this time and can infect people who come into contact with it.

The incubation period is 75 days, from 30 to 180 days. It can be detected within 30-60 days after infection.


From a medical point of view, it is impossible to distinguish hepatitis B from other viruses of the hepatitis family. You should have a lab test on your blood samples. Several blood tests can be done to differentiate between the acute and chronic stages of the hepatitis B virus.

Check blood samples for hepatitis HBsAg. Severe infection indicates the presence of HBsAg and antibodies against the HBcAg antigen. The presence of HBsAg indicates the level of reproduction of the virus in the body.

People with high HBsAg levels are highly infectious. The presence of the HBsAg antigen for more than six months indicates that the disease is short-lived. The HBsAg antigen is a major cause of liver cancer.


Serious illnesses cannot be cured. Supplementation and breastfeeding can cure serious illnesses.

Avoid unnecessary medications such as paracetamol and paracetamol. They need to apply more fluid to replace the lost fluid.

Medicines for chronic hepatitis B are oral medications such as tenofovir and anticoagulants. This is a common side effect and you can take one tablet a day.

Due to some side effects, they require less work. Treatment may increase life expectancy and increase the risk of liver cirrhosis. Vaccination is a safe, effective, and efficient way to prevent hepatitis B.

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